Bentley Tailor Made Concept by Kyungeun Ko

The Bentley Tailor Made concept is a bespoke luxury vehicle created using an innovative folding technique that is just beginning to find its feet. It was created by Royal College of Art graduate Kyungeun Ko.

Starting from the basis of designing by paper forming, which enabled the creation of a new organic and sculptural aesthetic, designer Kyungeun Ko used a technology called ‘Robofold’, which has been developed by the same London-based company Jan Rosenthal used for his Lexus LF-Zero concept.

The low-cost manufacturing system employs robots to fold sheets of aluminum, which alleviates the need for castings and molds. Not only is the system ideal for creating a one-off vehicle, but it also reduces time to market.

The Roboform system is also devoid of waste as the aluminum can be recycled at the end of its practical use. This enables the ‘Tailor Made’ concept to be the most sustainably produced Bentley ever – if the company adopts the fabrication technique of course.

It’s a long shot, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.


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