Cadillac Designers on XTS Interior Inspiration

Car designers, particularly those working in interior design, are always looking for inspiration outside the world of automobiles. For Cadillac color and trim designers, that inspiration came in the form of furniture, handbags and leather stitching found on high end products.

In the video above, Cadillac Design Director Eric Clough highlights how materials like wood, metal and leather combine with high craftsmanship to create the fashion-oriented interiors for the brand. We also hear from design manager Erin Crossley and lead creative designer Marie-Camille LeCoq who take us through the details and process that went into creating the XTS interior, ensuring that the essence of ‘American Luxury’ was retained.

“As automotive designers we can draw parallels, especially from luxury fashion, in the way materials like leather are selected and treated,” says Erin Crossley. “We applied small details, such as stitching touches, from fashion to deliver a refined interior with finishes that a customer can appreciate for its attention to detail.”

While automotive interiors do not change with the seasons as in fashion, the use of premium materials is a key component to crafting a durable and chic product. The XTS Platinum edition features Opus full-leather seats with an exclusive treatment that emits subtle hints of purple through mini-perforated inserts.

“We need to feel the trends, we need to anticipate, and we need to make sure it lasts,” says Marie-Camille LeCoq.

Opus leather is the highest-quality leather sourced for Cadillac and has a limited finishing and light embossed grain to help maintain a soft feel. A purple stitching around the interior’s trim areas helps bring out the unique finish of the leather-appointed areas. XTS Platinum also has a leather-wrapped steering wheel, front dash, door trim top pad and center console.

“With the XTS we really looked for soft and supple leathers and used pops of color to add an element of contrast and drama,” said Crossley. “We used really fine grains in order to see the richness of the natural material and also make sure it feels high end to the touch.”


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