Clay Dean On The Future of Urban Transport

Clay Dean may have been pushing a new flagship for Cadillac at the 2011 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, but he now has a new objective in his role as Global Design Director of GM’s Advanced Design Group.

With the influx of people moving to large cities everyday, forming part of a new wave of urban dwellers that reside in growing metropolises the world over, there is a looming question automakers are asking: How do these people get around these congested urban environments? This is the problem that designers like Dean are looking to solve.

In the video above, Dean cites the fact that by 2030 over 60% of all the world’s population will be living in city centers. This incites the need to think about urban mobility in a different way. And as population density will inevitably force change, the designer’s challenge, specifically at the advanced level, is to anticipate these challenges in creating new modes of transport that will cater to urban growth.

Watch the video to see what Dean and his team have in store.

Via: Faces of GM


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