Creating the Nissan Extrem concept

The Nissan Extrem is the first concept car created by the Japanese automaker exclusively for the Brazilian market. It recently made its debut at the Sao Paulo motor show.

As the tastes of the South American market vary from that of the European and North American markets, designers from Nissan Design America (NDA) in San Diego worked closely with designers at Nissan’s Brazilian design studio to create the concept over a six month period.

The result is a rakish two-door crossover that pushes Nissan’s design aesthetic forward, blending the design characteristics of a rugged off-roader with the lightweight look of a sports car. Perhaps the most impressive detail stems from the roof, where the C-pillar extends and appears to float above the rear screen. It, and the wraparound glass previewed on the concept, will be implemented in future Nissan products, says NDA senior design manager Robert Bauer.

Watch the video to hear Bauer and senior designer Hiren Patel of Nissan’s Brazilian design studio explain how they collaborated to create the Extrem concept.


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