Cubie Concept by Haitao Qi

Royal College of Art graduate Haitao Qi ’s Cubie in-city carpooling system aims to alleviate the increasing problem of traffic congestion in urban areas whilst still retaining a degree of privacy for travelers.

A combination between a car, a small bus and a train carriage, Qi contends that the Cubie concept is a far more efficient method of transport when traveling in traffic-congested urban environments. The Cubie is effectively a slow-moving public or private space, which can be used in an assortment of different ways.

The concept’s box-like shape and in-wheel electric motors make the most of the cabin volume, while its infinitely reconfigurable interior features an array of in-car activities which enable its users to be connected and productive during their commute.

Have a look through Haitao Qi’s Cubie concept renderings below.


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