Former Bentley Design Boss on the Future of Bespoke

The word bespoke is bandied about with as much frequency as the word dynamic in automotive design parlance. But what exactly is bespoke and how is it defined by automakers?

To answer that question we’re given a window into London, where Bentley’s former director of design and concepts, Dirk Van Braeckel, seeks out purveyors of bespoke as part of the Bentley Mulsanne Visionaries series.

In his outing, Van Braeckel travels via Mulsanne to meet with Clive Darby, founder and creative director of Rake tailors, and Sebastian Wrong, design director for cutting-edge interior and furniture design company Established & Sons.

In speaking with these fathers of highly-personalized goods, the notion that a luxury product can only be considered as such if it’s unique – and therefore bespoke  – is a recurring theme.

Though Dylan Jones, Editor of British GQ, believes that technology will enable all goods to eventually be bespoke, for now at least, it remains an option only for the privileged few.

High-end luxury has to be individual and communicate aspects of the buyer’s personality and character. But we believe that the customers that demand such products will only be willing to pay a premium if they continue to be created in limited quantities.


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