Ed Welburn Walks Jay Leno Around The New Corvette Stingray

It’s without question that the all-new Chevrolet Corvette was the highlight of the Detroit auto show. As the seventh generation of the quintessential American sports car, there’s a lot of weight resting on its wide rear haunches and a lot of baggage crammed into its shallow trunk.

As the first Corvette designed under the direction of GM’s Global Design Vice President Ed Welburn, the C7 Stingray is a far more European-inspired vehicle than any of its predecessors. At least that’s what the GM PR machine wants us to believe… While the new car maintains many of the design cues of its forbearers, many of the car’s design elements have changed.

In the video above, GM’s Vice President of Design, Ed Welburn, walks Jay Leno around the new Stingray and points out various elements of the new car’s design.


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