Ford F-150 First Pickup to Feature HID Lighting

The 2013 Ford F-150 is the first mainstream pickup to feature a high intensity discharge (HID) headlamp system on select models. Previously featuring standard tungsten halogen headlamps, these Ford F-150 models will benefit from improved light spread from side to side, and improved foreground and down-road illumination. In addition, HID generates light at a higher color temperature, so it’s whiter and more like natural daylight.

The lamps, supplied by OSRAM, are mercury-free – showcasing Ford’s ongoing commitment to using environmentally sustainable automotive technology – and provide four times the lumens per watt of traditional halogen light sources, making them more efficient at converting electrical energy into light.

HID now comes standard on the 2013 F-150 Platinum and Limited editions and is available as an option on the FX2, FX4, Raptor, Lariat and King Ranch models. Ford and OSRAM collaborated during the preproduction phase to ensure the HID headlamps are “Built Ford Tough.” Engineers went beyond typical testing standards to ensure the headlights still perform well during times of high vibration like one would experience while off-roading.

“The F-150 is an example of how HID is expanding into new market segments,” said Sharon Ernest, NAFTA Automotive HID Product Manager for OSRAM SYLVANIA Specialty Lighting. “We expect HID systems to continue to grow as more automakers are realizing the safety, energy and styling benefits the technology offers.”

Source: OSRAM.


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