Inclusive Design Interior

Niels van Roij’s Inclusive Design Interior concept was born from the idea of creating an easy to use, intuitive and adaptable interior environment which perfected the vehicle’s ergonomics.

“The main goal was to have a large target group and enable them to drive this car,” says van Roij.

He therefore devised an interior around a central touch pad to navigate through the menus, with a large, simple, high contrast IP in front of the driver.

Big, intuitive touch surface controls are fanned over the steering wheel, within reach of the hand and both the interior ocher-colored lighting and car glazing adapt to outside light conditions.

The high seats are fixed on a low floor while the dashboard and pedal box are adjustable, as is the steering wheel, which is placed closer to the driver and angled horizontally.

See more images of Niels van Roij’s concept below:


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