Is This The Future Of Mobility?

Is this the future of mobility? Our friend and former colleague seems to think so. I’ve seen him show excerpts of this nearly two-year-old video at a number of presentations he’s given in the last few months. And it surprising?

Well no.

Though Microsoft is showing us what the future a can bring in terms of technology to facilitate increased productivity in our daily lives, it’s also a reality currently faced by the automotive industry. With so many young adults seemingly uninterested in the motor car – opting instead to use Smartphones and other connectivity devices as their means of mobility – the industry is having to take a more technological approach to appeal to the young tech-savvy customer.

In short, people are now used to be connected, whether they’re at home, walking in the street, driving a car or 30,000 feet above the earth.

With all of these new technologies permeating into our daily lives, the issue of distracted driving is at the forefront of everyone’s minds – 35,000-45,000 people die on US roadways every year, 25% due to distracted driving.

We hope that more intuitive, predictive and graphically perceptive software will make its way into cars soon.


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