Lexus ie Concept by Goran Ozbolt

“Lexus luxury in a compact package” was the design intent of the Lexus ie concept, says Goran Ozbolt. His RCA thesis was a Toyota sponsored project designed to stimulate future luxury customers.

Designer Goran Ozbolt conducted research into the future of luxury and determined that it would be represented through space. He therefore created a compact one-box vehicle with a spacious interior, inspired in part by Japanese stone gardens and church domes.

The concept aims to offer users the luxury they desire whilst positively influencing the environment around them. The distorted glass used in the creation of the vehicle’s exterior makes the cabin appear visually larger and reduces glare to improve outward viability.

Watch the video above to hear Goran explain his design for the future Lexus compact car, and check out his sketches and renderings below.


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