Lexus LF-NX Concept Looks Like a Killer

I posted a few photos to Facebook this morning following the online reveal of the Frankfurt-bound Lexus LF-NX concept. Let’s just say the response wasn’t universally positive.

“What in the?! Why?!” wrote one commenter, while another responded simply: “Joke?”

It would appear I wasn’t the only one shocked to see the incredibly sharp, sword-like aesthetic protruding from the Lexus SUV concept’s body panels. My immediate reaction was that I’d hate to get hit by it. The massive grille’s pinched center seems like it would be more at home at a fencing tournament than adorning the front end of a car, and the lightcatcher seems ready to take out a limb.

Getting back to Facebook, another poster wrote: “Don’t know whether Lexus intends to scare away their customers or the pedestrians with this kind of surfacing language!!”

The aggressive aesthetic of modern day cars is not a new phenomenon, mind, but with the LF-NX it appears that Lexus is keen to own a brutish “I’ll kill you if I see you in the street” demeanor. How did we get here?

Of course it’s best to reserve judgement on a new car until you see it in the metal, so I’m not going to make any rash judgement calls here. I wasn’t entirely convinced by the Lexus LF-CC coupe when I first saw it in pictures but was pleasantly surprised by its interesting detailing when I saw it on the Paris show stand last year.

Let’s hope this SUV concept has the same effect…


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