Magnus Walker

Magnus Walker: A Window in the Life of the Urban Outlaw

Magnus Walker is one of the most colorful automotive aficionados out there. Fashion designer, property developer and modifier of classic Porsches, he is truly multifarious.

Born in Sheffield, England, in 1967, Walker made the trek out to California when he was just 19. With a passion for fashion but little money, he survived selling vintage clothing he would customize. It later evolved into him forming his own fashion brand, Serious Clothing

Walker’s love of Porsches was always there, scratching at him below the surface until he was finally able to buy one. He has now owned every model 911 since the original and keeps his treasures in a garage in downtown LA, near his amazing loft where he continues to design clothing and accessories to modify the cars he acquires. He’s developed such a knack for this hobby that people the world over come to him for advice, asking him to customize their cars for them.

Though the video above is admittedly long, we urge you to bookmark this page so you can return to it when you have a half an hour to spend watching it. Trust us, you won’t regret it. It’s a brilliant window into his life.

To see more of what Magnus is working on visit:

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