Porsche Mixte GT concept

Ryan Black-Macken Mixte GT is a look into Porsche’s return to the grand touring segment. Its creator sourced inspiration from electronic downtempo artists Mathias Schaffhauser & Xhin – “DNA is what we are not who we are. What we are never changes who we are. It never stops changing.”

Claimed to embody a “perfect blend of Porsche DNA”, the ‘939 Mixte GT’ combines the design impact of the 928 with technical advances of the 959. The Mixte concept’s technically essential styling shows through in its front-mounted twin turbo flat six, which is mated to an electric motor on the rear axle.

Capable of accommodating four full-size passengers thanks to stadium-style seating in the rear, the 939 could be just the vehicle Porsche needs to add to its range.


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