Power of Zero Concept by Henry Cloke

Henry Cloke’s Power of Zero concept was designed around Masdar, an eco-city in the United Arab Emirates currently being built by Abu Dhabi’s Future Electric Company and designed by British architectural firm Foster & Partners.

Expected to be completed by 2020, Masdar will be a car-free city entirely reliant on solar and other renewable energy sources, which is the ideal breeding ground for Cloke’s concept.

With two large wheels mounted within casings and powered by electric motors on either end, the concept features hammock style seating and a central tunnel that contains batteries and a self-balancing gyroscope.

The shared vehicle concept — akin to London’s ‘Boris bikes’ or Paris’ Velib bicycle hire scheme — folds flat and is stored in a sphere when not in use.

It’s an innovative concept that enables sustainable, emissions-free travel within urban environments as well as a viable underground storage solution.


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