Prada Collaborates With Lamborghini for 50th Anniversary

Prada Group’s Car Shoe brand, created in 1963 by Italian creative artisan Gianni Mostile, is honoring its 50th anniversary and that of Lamborghini by producing a limited edition of their famous moccasin.

Made entirely by hand using calf leather and rubber studs fashioned from tire tread compound (Mostile was an avid racing fan), the driving shoe features a perforated sole for comfort and practicality.

For the limited edition example, Car Shoe has fitted a metal 50th anniversary logo to the contrast colored laces and branded the back of the shoe and the insole with Lamboghini’s raging bull shield. The driving shoe expresses the italian craftsmanship, revisited to underline both brands’ anniversaries.

Lamborghini Car Shoe by Prada

The new commemorative moccasin will be given to all drivers and staff participating in the Lamborghini Grande Giro tour, where 350 Lamborghinis will drive 1200km through Italy from May 7th to 11th.

The dual branded shoe will be sold in all the Car Shoe flagship stores and online through the e-commerce website.


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