Designing Car Interiors Volume 1: Looking Back and Sketch Techniques

With growing demand in the industry for interior designers, automotive designer Tim Pilsbury has written Designing Car Interiors to encourage transportation design students and car designers to take a much needed closer look at this equally important aspect of car design.


You may have noticed that most car design books tend to focus on exterior design, as this is what most people think of as ‘car design’.

“I have always enjoyed teaching and being able to incorporate my industry experience to deliver pithier lessons,” says Tim Pilsbury, who has decided to create a series of books to address various different aspects of automotive interior design. “Through these books, I wanted to expand on this experience to reach a larger audience of not only students but also those just curious about car design, case studies or perhaps another designer’s point of view.”

Designing Car Interiors is effectively split into 3 Volumes:

Volume 1 (above) has a brief history section looking back at a few of my favorite heritage car interiors and what shaped them, as well as the basics of research, sketching, and rendering.

Volume 2 covers five case studies from the author’s career at SEAT Design, V-Vehicle Company, Qoros Automotive and a couple of projects from Nissan Design America. This covers the concepts for these interiors and how they started and developed, the concept sketches and the thought process behind them.

Volume 3 is geared towards students and professionals and runs through the design process. ‘Let’s design a car interior’ mimics a university design project, this spans from writing a project brief through research, ideation and execution.

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