Ferrari 250 GTO Painting



This Ferrari 250 GTO watercolor painting was created by Ferrari designer Marc Poulain.

“With this subject, I tried to show a partial scene of two iconic beauties: on one side the most beautiful sports car ever, an object of deserved and worthy observation, and on the other side a woman who represents the pinnacle of beauty, a reason for great admiration and respect,” Marc says of his creation. “The atmosphere shows this kind of mutual understanding and reciprocal contemplation.”

Originally produced in A4 size, the first 10 prints of this special-edition will available on a bigger A2 scale (420mm x 584mm) canvas. They are printed on a special 10mm thick board, which serves to highlight every detail. The blue/cold tint of the paint color used and the windy atmosphere contrasts perfectly with the warmth of the two protagonists.

Each of the 10 limited-edition A2 canvas pieces will be signed and authenticated by the artist and every piece will be sent with a special dedication from Marc Poulain.

This product ships from Italy (shipping not included).

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