Renault Initiale Paris Concept: Premium Class

Back in June, we told you about how Renault’s senior vice president of design, Laurens van den Acker, was set to abandon the minivan typology for the next Espace. And in Frankfurt last week, we were given a look at that car in concept form: the Renault Initiale Paris.

As the sixth car to come from van den Acker’s lifecycle series, the Renault Initiale Paris concept was certainly one of the highlights at this year’s Frankfurt motor show. Embodying the ‘wisdom’ stage in Renault’s new design strategy, the concept blends the French automaker’s technical know-how with creative prowess.

Compared to other more production-ready vehicles wearing the concept car moniker in Frankfurt, the Initiale Paris is full of fanciful treats, such as the extreme detailing in the lamps, the latticed elements in the floor and over the rocker panel and the deconstuctivist approach of the D-pillar. Even the roof shows an aerial view of Paris.

Listen to Laurens van den Acker and the design team explain the Initiale Paris concept’s reason for being, and the process that led them to create the premium segment precursor to the next Espace.


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