Spectra Sound Concept by Teeravit Hanharutaivan

The Spectra Sound concept by Royal College of Art graduate Teeravit Hanharutaivan aims to solve the sound experience issue with electric vehicles.

By capturing the Doppler effect from Formula One cars and translating the results into a form, Hanharutaivan used the sound to influence the way the vehicle’s aesthetic as well as provide auditory feedback to the driver to enhance the visceral experience of being behind the wheel.

This innovative way of using the sound spectrum in the design process to visualize and create form has allowed for a fluid, organic shape as a byproduct.

The hyper electric vehicle also breaks the boundary between car and motorbike with a new seating position and steering system.

Check out the photo gallery of Teeravit Hanharutaivan’s Spectra Sound concept below.


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