‘The Bump’ by DGT Architects for Renault

Motor show stands are an astute reflection of a company’s design values, harnessing the automaker’s intent and depicting this through the stationary form of architecture. This year’s Renault show stand was a coup-de-grace for the French automaker and showed, in no uncertain terms, that the company has found its mojo under the direction of Laurens van den Acker.

Called ‘The Bump’, the Paris show stand was the creation of Paris-based DGT Architects. Consisting of 388 large squashed light globes, which softly glow in a variety of colors, these are hung from the ceiling above, simulating the movements of waves as they illuminate the stand below.

To convey a sense of motion on the stand, DGT also created two hills to work in combination with the movement of the lights, giving the impression of movement to the cars. A number of soft ‘pebbles’ also decorate the stand, mimicking the shape of the glowing light fixtures above and giving people a place to relax, work and admire ‘The Bump’ from comfortable seats dispersed throughout the stand.

“The two hills create a place to go to and have a panoramic view,” said Renault design boss Laurens van der Acker. “From there you’ll see the new Clio, three times in the iconic red color, while on the other hill you’ll find the white electric car Zoe. One side dedicated to Love and Passion and the other to Wisdom.”

Making of the Bump


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