Porsche Design Manager on the Cayman’s Design and Influences

The Porsche Cayman is undeniably one of the purest driving machines available on the market today, and its design speaks to the Porsche design philosophy. In the video above, Porsche’s Design Manager for Sports Cars, Tony Hatter, talks about the evolution of the Cayman’s characteristic shape while taking into account certain requirements.

Influenced by the profile of the Porsche 904 – with its roofline trailing down to leading edge of the rear end and the fenders that run into the doors – the design requires the bodywork to be conducive to airflow not only for aerodynamic purposes and fuel efficiency but to optimize cooling for the Cayman’s mid-mounted engine. This was the biggest challenge for the team, says Hatter.

Now in its second iteration, the new Cayman’s proportions have been radically altered over its predecessor, yet it remains instantly recognizable as the entry level Porsche. By moving the cowl point forward the designers created a more dynamic proportion, underlined by its lowered height and longer wheelbase.


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