Toyota to Reveal Camatte75S Concept at 2013 Tokyo Toy Show

We’ve seen the Camatte concept before. But now Toyota has made some revisions to the diminutive three-seat vehicle that aims to appeal to the younger generation. Called the Camatte57S (no relation to the historic Bugatti of the same nomenclature), the new concept allows an even greater ease and range of customization possibilities.

There’s no denying the Camatte57S — which gets its name from the number of body panels used to cloak its tubular frame — is a sportier version of the family-oriented concept car first unveiled at the 2012 Tokyo Toy Show.

Measuring 3000mm in overall length and 1440mm wide, the Camatte75S concept stands only one meter tall and sits on a 1800mm long wheelbase. The open top car has a low windscreen and is devoid of doors to offer a liberating driving experience while also enhancing visibility. Just as well, as it’s aimed primarily at children drivers.

As seen on the two models pictured, the Camatte57S’s 57 detachable lightweight panels allow easy and extensive color and design customization options conveying the joy and dreams of motor vehicles to current and future drivers. The goal of the project is to bring parents and children closer together as they work to build their ideal car.

The compact and intimate three-passenger cabin retains the same identical package as its 2012 precursor, with its single front seat and two rear seats closely arranged in a triangular configuration to emphasize family intimacy and facilitate communication. The pedals and the seats can be adjusted to allow children to operate the car, while an adult seated in the rear-right seat assists steering and braking to help develop the child’s driving skills.

Derived from the Japanese word ‘care’, the name Camatte is meant to signify ‘caring for others’ and ‘caring for cars’ while the S is for ‘sawaru’, which means ‘touch’. The name reflects the idea that people should feel more in touch with each other and their vehicles. To that end, the Camatte57S provides an opportunity for parents and children to experience the fun of driving, car customization and enthusiasm for the motorcar.

The Camatte75S will be on display in the Kids Life Zone at the International Tokyo Toy Show 2013, which runs from June 13 through June 16 at Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo.


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