Visteon Reads Minds With HABIT Concept

American supplier Visteon Corp. is showcasing a new technology that can read a driver’s mind. Well, not exactly.

Called the HABIT Cockpit – an acronym for Human Bayesian Intelligence Technology – the system learns a specific user’s preferences over time by employing algorithms that are cognizant of the surrounding environment. As the system learns more about that person, it adapts the human-machine interaction to be more in tune with the user’s needs and desires.

The personalized experience extends from climate control settings to music preferences, phone call tendencies and other unique behaviors depending on the outside temperature and time of day. The system also makes suggestions that it thinks users might like, which in itself is pretty cool.

Complemented by high-end graphics content and natural voice technology designed to improve interaction with mobile devices, the HABIT concept creates an organic experience that is less about interacting with cold technology and more about the warm familiarity of an organic, humanistic experience.

“The goal of HABIT is to become an experience that improves each time the driver uses the ever-aware system,” said Shadi Mere, innovation manager at Visteon. “With vehicle manufacturers striving to deliver a more personalized driving experience, the HABIT cockpit concept demonstrates how your car can learn and grow with you over its lifetime.”

Visteon says that more than 70 percent of survey respondents had a positive initial reaction to the HABIT concept during a recent research clinic. Respondents liked the anticipatory learning of the system and the natural voice interaction and voice shortcuts, which aligned with their expectations of voice commands similar to the ones on their smartphones and other devices.


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