Citroen E3 Project Sketches and Renderings

As with most new car projects, Citroen began the design ideation process for the innovative C4 Cactus some time ago.

The very conceptual C-Cactus unveiled in 2007 was the proverbial ‘toe-dip’ to gauge public reaction at the Frankfurt motor show that year and it showcased some brilliant ideas. If universally well received by designers worldwide, that was just the beginning…

While the Cactus concept shown in Frankfurt auto show was a foretaste of the production car recently unveiled, the E3 project, as it was known internally, showed a number of forward thinking ideas that the company explored before ultimately revealing the most recent Cactus concept to the public.

Below are some of the ideation sketches created by exterior designer Frederic Duvernier for the E3 project as well as a few interior sketches for your viewing pleasure. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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