Concept Recharge Previews Next-Generation Volvo Electric Cars

Volvo Cars is showcasing the potential of electric platforms and its next-generation electric vehicles with the Concept Recharge. The five-door SUV’s dedicated EV architecture enables the hood and roofline to be lower than current SUVs – thanks to its floor-mounted battery modules – while the longer wheelbase and minimal overhangs amplify space within the cabin. Highlights include the modern interpretation of the Thors hammer headlamps, which open to reveal a set of high-definition units that better illuminate the road at night; the recessed and lit diagonal and iron mark logo that provide a unique DRG signature to its grille-less face, and the sustainable materials that feature in the four-seat interior. Volvo design director Robin Page calls the Recharge concept “a new type of vehicle” but its aesthetic and functionality match those of Volvo’s traditionally boxy wagons, albeit one with a lowered roofline, higher ground clearance and larger interior volume.


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