Yihui Guo's Citroen Time Observer concept

Citroen Time Observer Concept by RCA Graduate Yihui Guo

Yihui Guo looked at the traditional Chinese handicraft of root carving as inspiration for his autonomous Citroen Time Observer project, his final thesis project at the Royal College of Art‘s Vehicle Design program.

Using wood as a primary material, the Time Observer concept’s creation mimics traditional handicraft processes with modern technologies such as 3D scanning.

The vehicle’s package is determined by nature, which is digitized then designed using 3D programs and freehand sketching. A 7-axis CNC machine mills the newspaper wood blocks into different vehicle components before the vehicle is assembled and resin coated.

An immersive panoramic screen displays images of the old city landscape within the cabin to create a relaxing atmosphere for the occupants who collect the elder generation’s memories.


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