Ethical Resources Concept

Cars certainly aren’t the most environmentally friendly objects ever conceived. In fact, many could (and have) point to how harmful — over the course of its lifecycle — a vehicle is to the environment, even if we don’t consider the impact battery packs have on the planet once they reach the end of their natural lives.

RCA graduate Kym Moorhouse sought to address these issues in his Ethical Resources project, which looks at the future of environmentally friendly vehicles. The sculptural piece represents a vehicle that creates its own kinetic energy using the wind as a resource. Its body is made from organic rubber, while the three-passenger interior employs bionic yarn – a cotton-like material made from recycled ocean plastic — and vegetable tanned pineapple leather.

The vehicle’s layout and design places an emphasis on utopian society and equality, with two passengers at the rear and another high at the front in a “reading nook”. As if perched in a tree, the “peaceful zen temple”-like area is meant to encourage users to relax as the vehicle travels semi-autonomously to their destination. The future certainly looks brighter from up there.


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