Fly Through Ford’s Secret Design Studio

Take a peek inside Ford’s secret design studio in Dearborn.

The automotive design industry is a highly confidential arena where manufacturers rarely share information about what goes on behind closed doors. Every once in a while an invitation comes through my inbox that allows me a sneak peek into this underground world, but these are always highly controlled visits where I have to check in my phone at the front gate or place stickers over the cameras if I’m allowed to keep it on my person. This is what makes the above video so intriguing.

The Ford GT’s design development is one of the best kept secrets I’ve ever heard of. With a process that took roughly a year to complete and included initial input from all of Ford’s design studios the world over, nobody within the organization ever leaked out any information. Not even a little bit. Granted once the project got under way everything was kept in strict confidentiality and locked away in Ford’s secret basement studio. According to Ford’s North American design director Chris Svensson and global interior design chief Amko Leenarts, there was only one key…

But now Ford is actually offering a look into the design studio where the Ford GT was created. As I mentioned above this is very rare. While the whole video is inevitably staged and includes footage that has probably been scrutinized for hours to ensure no visible trade secrets are potentially revealed, it’s still a pretty cool way to spend a minute.


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