Jaguar Project GT Concept

The Jaguar Project GT is the work of recent Art Center College of Design graduate Min Ki Chung. He set forth imagining a vehicle that embodied the British carmaker’s rich sports car history (with cars like the historic D-Type) but also one that would slot into what the company’s future plans — as outlined by the Project 7.

The single passenger racecar is one that is usable in daily scenarios, says Chung, who devised a storage area between the hydrogen storage tank and fuel cell stack that powers the car’s four wheels. The solution enabled him to achieve a low, wide shape that stretches out 4680mm long yet is just 1005mm tall.

The Project GT employs some more recent Jaguar design codes in the front and rear, while the tapered bodyside and voluptuous fender forms made the ‘sensual sleekness’ he was aiming for possible.


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