Meet the Designers: Cadillac Elmiraj Concept

Every one agrees the Elmiraj is a car Cadillac needs in its lineup. The large, beautifully resolved and luxuriously appointed coupe would be the ideal flagship for the premium American brand.

The concept is full of interesting design elements in keeping with the brand’s heritage and it sports a new Cadillac badge, devoid of the crest for more contemporary look. According to Advanced Design Director Frank Saucedo, who led the team responsible for the concept’s creation at GM’s Advanced Design Studio in North Hollywood California, Chinese dealers aren’t too keen on the new logo and want to keep the old one, which is resounding with buyers in the People’s Republic. We’re sure they’ll come around.

We spoke to exterior designer Niki Smart and interior designer Gael Buzyn about the Elmiraj concept in the video above.


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