Mini Head of Design Anders Warming on the Clubman Concept

The Mini Clubman concept has just made its debut at the 2014 Geneva auto show. Heralding a new design aesthetic and an interior brimming with innovation, the concept previews where head of design Anders Warming will take the brand in the near future.

We caught up with Warming at the show to find out a little bit more about the concept. Here’s an excerpt from our interview.

“When we started this car we wanted to think of the character of the car,” says Mini’s design director. “It shouldn’t be a brother or sister to the hatch. It should be the uncle, a distant relative.

“We had this theme of ‘the cool uncle’, we all have this in our families, the cool uncle that travelled the world and brought back interesting stuff,” Warming enthused. “And so the interior is full of a cool mix of materials and surfaces with patina, suede leather, tweed, all this is part of the thinking behind it. Someone who’s seen the world and really knows how to put things together.”

This goes some way towards explaining the apparel found in the concept’s trunk as well. “You can show up with a suit and have cool trainers if you know how to put it together.”

UPDATE: Check out our video interview with exterior design director Christopher Weil and interior design director Oliver Siegert.


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