Orion’s Belt Concept Yacht

Very few yachts actually take into account the world’s larger issues. They’re playboy toys; ostentatious objects purchased for showing off wealth, not helping the environment.

Cal Craven sees it differently. For his final thesis project at the RCA’s Vehicle Design program he sought to tap the emerging trend amongst the mega rich who wish to help the planet and created a 68 meter-long environmentally conscious luxury exploration yacht.

The yacht enables the wealthy to contribute to environmental sustainability by collecting debris from the ocean – 80 percent of which is plastic — along its journey. An on board 3D printer then recycles this material to create furniture and other products. A hangar bay in the bow section is large enough to store equipment such as medical supplies and vehicles so the yacht can be used on search and recovery missions.

“Yacht owners no longer wish to sit in the marina,” says Craven. “They want to innovate and find new things.”


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