Pforzheim 2015 – Subaru Design Projects

Students at Pforzheim University, one of the world’s preeminent transportation design programs, worked on a collaborative project with Subaru for their sixth term projects, the penultimate term before the seventh and final term. The students worked to develop their own take on a future vehicle for the Japanese brand, devising different but no less interesting proposals. Here are a few below.

Subike concept
Patrick Guth

Patrick Guth’s aim was to create a vehicle by combining a sculpture with bicycles. When the two are connected, a buggy-type vehicle emerges. The buggy is electrically driven, creating a link between between the eBike and carrier vehicle. The main body is very robust, thanks to the polygon shape of the carbon fiber trellis frame.

Subaru Shift concept
Alexej Altmann

Alexej Altmann created a modular concept that combines comfort and practicality. The vehicle can be converted from a four-passenger sedan into a two-seat pickup truck by removing the rear seats. The space concept could well be the ideal vehicle to fill a multitude of requirements.

Subaru Rubik concept
Joscha Thielen

Subaru Pod concept
Mattia Lusci


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