Terms and Conditions

The present Terms and Conditions are intended to define the rights and obligations of the parties relating to the use of the website accessible at (hereinafter referred to as “the Site”).

Any connection to the Site by the user implies the acceptance and respect of all the conditions listed below.

I) Legal Information

The Site is the property of Form Trends Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Publisher”), a limited company registered in England and Wales No. 08576662. Registered office: 26 Alexander Street,  London W2 5NT, United Kingdom. Phone number to request by email: editor (at)

Eric Gallina (hereinafter referred to as “the Editor”), is responsible for the publication of the Site. The Site is hosted by LSB Web Design, 7 Wheatfield Road, Mulbarton, Norwich, Norfolk NR14 8GT,  United Kingdom.

II) Intellectual Property and Rights Granted to Users

The general structure of the Site, as well as all its contents, are the property of the Publisher or its partners. The user is prohibited from reproducing and/or using the marks and logos present on the Site, as well as to modify, copy, translate, reproduce, sell, publish, exploit and distribute in digital or other formats all or Information, texts, photos, images, videos and data on this site.

The violation of these mandatory provisions makes the offender, and all persons responsible, subject to the penal and civil penalties provided for by law. However, the Publisher agrees to the user the right to reproduce all or part of the contents of the Site for storage for the purposes of representation on a single screen and reproduction, in one copy, for backup or print. This right is granted in the context of strictly personal, private and non-collective use.

Any networking, rebroadcasting or marketing, in any form, even partial, is strictly prohibited. This right is personal, it is reserved for the exclusive and not collective use of the licensee. It is not transmissible in any way. Any other use is subject to the prior and express authorization of the Publisher.

III) Hypertext Links

The Site contains information made available by external companies or hypertext links to other sites that have not been developed by the Publisher. These contents are provided for information purposes only. The existence of a link to another site does not constitute a validation of this site or its contents. It is up to the user to use this information with discernment and critical thinking.

The Publisher cannot be held liable for information, opinions and recommendations made by third parties on other sites.

IV) Cookie Policy

Use of the Site may result in the use of a cookie stored on your computer’s hard drive, mobile device or tablet. These files are used for technical purposes only and are in no way designed for the purpose of collecting personal data by the Publisher. You can delete cookies saved on your computer using recommended procedures depending on the browser you are using.

V) Subscription Contract

V.1) Provision of Services

An individual subscription (hereinafter referred to as “the Subscription”) gives access to all articles published on the Site for the term defined at the time of purchase.

Subscription requires that you first fill out a subscription form, and create a user account, allowing the user to authenticate. An account on the Site is an identifier, and an associated password, both of which are strictly personal to the subscriber. They give subscribers the possibility of accessing a dedicated interface, enabling them to subscribe, renew or modify the current Subscription, as well as to consult the subscription history. Once the account is created, an acknowledgment of receipt will be sent to the email address filled in the Subscription Form, as confirmation of the acceptance of the subscription request.

Current Subscription offers are those displayed on the day the order is placed. Subscription offers allow each user to have personal access to the Site, for the duration chosen at the time of subscription (monthly or annual), renewable by tacit renewal, unless termination before the expiration of the current period. However, this termination will not be effective until the expiration of the invoiced Subscription.

The Publisher may propose new services, free or paid for, the subscription and/or use of which may be conditioned by the fulfillment of certain specific criteria or technical limitations, which will then be specified to the subscriber user.

V.2) Terms of Use

The Publisher reserves the right to cancel any Subscription of a customer with whom there is a dispute regarding misuse or a dispute of payment. Should this occur, the subscriber cannot claim any indemnity in any capacity whatsoever. The validation by the user of the Subscription constitutes acceptance of the present general conditions fully and without reserve. The data recorded by the Site constitute proof of all past transactions. The data recorded by the payment system is proof of financial transactions.

V.3) Payment

V.3.a) Price

The prices of the Subscriptions are indicated in British Pound Sterling (GBP), all taxes included. All orders, whatever their origin, are payable in Pounds. The Publisher reserves the right to change prices at any time. The subscription is always invoiced on the basis of the rates in effect at the time of registration of the order.

V.3.b) Terms of Payment

Payments are made by credit card (Stripe) or via PayPal. The user is solely responsible for the actual payment of the product purchased. The Publisher is not responsible for payment issues related to the operation of the PayPal e-commerce service.

V.3.c) Right of Withdrawal

The subscriber user, who can be qualified as a consumer within the meaning of the texts in force, declares to accept that the service is provided and accessible upon confirmation of his order and his first connection to the Site, which runs his subscription for the duration chosen. Thus, the subscriber user expressly acknowledges that the Subscription begins with his/her agreement provided for in the Terms and Conditions outlined in this present document.

V.3.d) Suspension / Termination of Subscription

The Publisher reserves the right to suspend and/or cancel the subscription subscribed by the subscriber user, without indemnity or right of refund, in the event of failure of the user subscribing to the present general conditions, without formal notice. The Publisher also reserves the right, without prejudice, to apply to the court for the payment of any damages and interest in compensation for misuse of the Subscription.

V.4) Warranties and Limitation of Liability

The subscriber uses the services of the Site at his/her own risk. The Publisher can in no way guarantee that the services offered will not be interrupted. The obligation to provide the Publisher is limited to an obligation of means. In the event that the Editor should be condemned as a result of the use of the Site, it is expressly agreed and accepted that its liability will be limited, in agreement with the subscriber user, to the maximum of the cost of three months of subscription to the service.

VI) General Provisions

VI.1) Applicable law

The Site is governed by UK law. These conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with UK law. Visitors with access to the Site from abroad must ensure compliance with locally applicable laws.

VI.2) Changes and missing work

The Publisher reserves the right to modify these conditions. The new general conditions will be brought to the attention of the user by online modification.

VI.3) Autonomy of the terms of the contract

If, for any reason, a competent jurisdiction were to find that a provision of these conditions is invalid, the invalidity of this provision shall in no way affect the validity of the remainder of the Conditions, which shall remain in force.

VI.4) Entire agreement

These conditions represent the entire agreement between the user and the Publisher relating to the subject matter.

VI.5) Force majeure

The Publisher and no third party involved in the provision of the Service shall be liable for any failure or delay in performing their obligations under these Terms resulting from causes beyond their control to the inclusion and without limitation, acts of civil or military authorities, fires, floods, earthquakes, riots, wars, acts of sabotage, network failures, errors in the coding of electronic files, software limitations or inability to obtain telecommunications services or governmental measures, provided, however, that the parties concerned take all reasonable steps to mitigate the effects resulting from such situations.

VI.6) Jurisdiction

If the parties fail to resolve disputes relating to the General Terms and Conditions within fifteen (15) days of written notification from one party to the other in respect of such dispute, such dispute shall be settled by the competent court.

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