Volkswagen Designers on Bringing the Production T-ROC to Life

We covered the Volkswagen T-ROC concept car in the lead up to its first unveiling at the Geneva motor show back in 2014. We later had a candid chat with Volkswagen design director Klaus Bischoff about what it meant for the brand’s design language.

Now the company is ready to bring the car to production and has issued a pair of teaser sketches as well as the video with the project’s designers (above).

The production T-ROC was always going to be a far more sedate proposition than the convertible concept car. The simple fact that it was a convertible SUV (we’ve all seen how well those do in the market) was indication enough.

Judging by the two sketches Volkswagen has released ahead of the reveal it seems that the production model will follow along the same lines as the concept car but more closely align with Volkswagen’s current production lineup.

But we’ve also been known to take sketches with a grain of salt. They almost never an accurate depiction of what the full-size vehicle looks like in the metal.

Stay tuned!

Source: Volkswagen


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