Winners Announced in RCA / Alcraft Design Competition

The winners of the RCA’s latest sponsored project have been announced. Developed in collaboration with bespoke restyling and engineering business Alcraft Motor Company, the competition marked the culmination of a project exploring British design values and personalized vehicle design.

Students were challenged to develop a personalized design package for Range Rover products. The resulting designs took their influences from the UK’s design icons as well as heritage. Inspiration ranged from legendary cars such as the E-Type Jaguar through to stately home architecture, country sports and fashion icons such as the Burberry coat.

Jed Sheahan received a special award for his treatment of the flagship Range Rover model, which has been translated into a design study by Alcraft. Defining his style as “a nod to the past and a big hello to the future”, Sheahan’s proposal featured clever detailing, including the use of teak on the sills. He also conceived a new design for the Evoque (pictured above) to sit alongside the larger model.

“I’m very happy to be receiving an award for my work on the Alcraft project because I’m a big fan of British brands and British design,” Sheahan said. “Customization for me is a must. It’s about owning something special and allows you a mode of expression. With a little input from a customer it’s possible create something which can be cherished.”

The panel of judges from Alcraft and the RCA also awarded commendations to two other students, Minwoo Hwang and Pierre Andlauer.

While Hwang drew his inspiration from the craftsmanship and detailing seen in products as diverse as highly engineered bicycle equipment and crisply tailored suits, Andlauer focused on the materials associated with country pursuits, applying leather to the vehicle exteriors and also integrating a spare wheel into the bodywork in the style of the classic Land Rover Defender.

“Jed’s clarity of vision and passion for British design heritage in particular shone through,” said Matthew Humphries, Alcraft design consultant and vehicle design tutor at the RCA. “His work nicely combined traditional British design and cutting-edge luxury tastes and also showed a great understanding of how to create something understated and refined but with impact.”

Humphries was formerly head of design at the Morgan Motor Company, where he was responsible for the Aeromax, Life Car, Plus 8, Eva GT, Aero Supersports, Aero Coupe and the classic Morgan three-wheeler.

Founded with a unique commitment to reinterpret vehicles using British design values, Alcraft enhances products from brands with British heritage. The company is currently working on a classic roadster as well as design packages for Range Rovers, Jaguars and Aston Martins.


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