2040 BMW iR Concept by Jordan Cornille

The 2040 BMW iR concept is motorcycle designer Jordan Cornille’s thesis project from his final year at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies’ Transportation Design program.

Designed for an evolutionary MotoGP race, the main idea behind the concept racing motorcycle is that of shape-shifting: the bike undergoes a transition during the race to optimize performance.

On a straightaway stretch of the racecourse, the motorcycle has a long, low profile. As the rider approaches a turn, the fork angle lessens and the swing arm/shaft shorten, shortening the wheelbase of the motorcycle and raising its ground clearance. Cornille claims this creates an optimal cornering experience comparable to that of a contemporary GP bike.

Sourcing inspiration from BMW Motorrad’s historic past and exciting present, the clean, simple approach to the bike’s design keeps the clutter to a minimum, keeping attention focussed on its clean surfacing. An appropriate amount of negative space throughout the concept lends a lightweight feel whilst still appearing robust.

The concept’s headlamps create a somewhat sinister ‘get out of my way’ look. Fitted within a lightweight plastic housing, the asymmetrical eyes of the bike are surrounded by translucent lenses, which have been designed to create a unique glow at the front of the bike.

Cornille contends that the future of the motorcycle is electric, so his bike is devoid of a conventional fuel tank. The concept’s sculptural subframe supports the rider as he sits on a uniquely shaped seat, which incorporates integrated kneepads.


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