Ferrari F80 Concept

The F80 Concept, created by Art Center graduate Adriano Raeli, aims to bring the most authentic F1 experience and performance to the road without compromising the brand’s class and elegance of form. The vehicle is designed with Formula One architecture in mind with a blend of Ferrari’s LeMans heritage.

Aerodynamics play an important role as the overall frontal area is decreased by the air channels that have been carved between the main body and the wheel arches. F1 A-arm suspension configuration is clearly visible through these openings. Other details such as the centralized exhaust are meant to decrease drag.

The staggered seating positions of both driver and passenger are also closely related to that of F1 seating positions, with the driver adopting a reclined posture as if lying down.

The design can be described as five main components that are connected by a lower panel/splitter and a top solidified composite organic veil, while the main design theme and surfacing were inspired by the Boeing NGAD Concept Fighter Jet.


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