Jeepster X Interior Concept by Art Center Grad Daniel Santoso

The Jeepster X concept is Art Center graduate Daniel Santoso’s take on a future vehicle interior that combines the driving experience of a sports car and the commanding capabilities of an off-road vehicle.

Santoso’s objective was to create a design that could be used daily but one that was also capable of accommodating occupants venturing through tough off-road conditions. The interplay between these contrasting worlds is illustrated through the concept’s exterior dimensions and the sports car-like seating position and headroom within the interior. It is as tall as a Toyota Prius but has the same ground clearance and length as a Jeep Liberty, while the interior is similar to that of the Nissan 350Z.

“Jeep is often recognized by its design-for-function and iconic features,” says Santoso. “Take the seven slots grille on the exterior and the distinct door handle for example. In a way, these iconic features that are essential to the brand’s heritage [and] should be integrated into the interior design as well.”

Some examples of the interior functions include the making the foldable seat accessible from the driver space without going around to the passenger side. This is achieved through the belt running across the center of the seat. The iconic slots of the grille are integrated to the center of the dash and function as internal components or buttons. The rear cargo holder is another nice touch. It prevents items in the rear from sliding around when the car is in motion.

Santoso’s concept also integrates traditional but authentic materials combined with a modern form language.


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