Arthur Coudert - Citroen

Interior Design Sketchwork by Arthur Coudert

Some design schools are good at promoting the work of their graduates. Others, however, fall a long way short of giving their students the visibility they deserve, impeding their ability to be seen by the outside world and open doors to a highly competitive industry. Without the ability to self-promote, less outgoing students don’t stand a chance.

Fortunately, that isn’t the case with Strate College student Arthur Coudert. Strate used their connections with the industry to land him an internship at Nissan and also at Mercedes’ advanced design studio, which is where he is today. It’s easy to see why: his sketch work clearly stands miles ahead of anything I’ve seen recently and even puts those of seasoned professionals with years of experience to shame. And that’s why we contacted him to have an interview.

Mercedes designers evidently caught wind of his ability and brought Coudert in to work in their advanced design studio on an internship, which is where he is today. And if they don’t give him a full-time job once he’s paid his dues, I’m sure many other automakers would jump on the opportunity to employ him. Just have a look at some of his work to see what I mean, and check out our interview with Coudert to see more.


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