Scuderia Zagreb to Host 7th Auto® Design Conference

Scuderia Zagreb will again host the Auto® design conference for 2015 in Zagreb, Croatia, on May 8th. Now in its seventh year, Auto® has grown to become the largest automotive design conference in Europe, and is part of the Zagreb Design Week events.

As in years past, Auto® 2015 will host a variety of guest speakers from all facets of the automotive design industry. The event features lectures, panel discussions, workshops and automotive design exhibitions with guest speakers that include such design heroes such as the legendary Tom Tjaarda, who began his design career at Ghia in 1958 and is still going strong in Torino, Italy. What Gandini is for Lamborghini and Fioravanti for Ferrari, Tjaarda is for de Tomaso.

Another design legend set to take the podium is Patrick le Quément, former design director for Renault, who is now heading up his own design consultancy as well as spearheading sustainable design initiatives at the Sustainable Design School in Nice, France.

Le Quément reputation as one of the preeminent automotive designers is well noted, having sat on the French company’s executive board when he took the position in 1987. Answering directly to the company’s chairman, le Quément is credited with empowering the design department at a time when the shots were typically being called by engineers. Le Quément’s organizational revolution was soon followed by other companies.

Auto® will also host Fabio Filippini, CCO of mythical Pininfarina; cult British designer and author of the McLaren F1, Peter Stevens; and Chris Longmore from Drive Design, who will present the genesis of the Zenos E10. Philip Nemeth will speak on sustainable design and Eric Gallina will give journalist view on automotive design.

Following the opening reception on Friday, May 8th, the Auto® program will continue through the weekend with lectures, panel discussions, workshops and a design challenge exhibition held in Lauba, the Croatian capital’s contemporary art museum.

With its casual atmosphere and open access to all of the panelists, Auto® is an event where automotive design aficionados can meet their designers heroes for an impromptu conversation and gain valuable feedback. Be sure to bring your sketches and portfolios.

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