Audi Konzept Paon 2030

Pforzheim University graduate Lucia Lee created the Audi Konzept Paon as a look towards the future – 2030 to be precise.

Created in support of Audi Design, the Paon concept is about expressing the brand’s premium values in an autonomous vehicle that would be shared through a future membership program.

The exterior design is a harmonious combination of past, present, and the future of Audi’s design language. Lee worked towards the keyword ‘Sexy Bauhaus’ and was inspired by the full volumes of the Audi TT, the integration between the design and functional features of the Audi R8, and the more aggressive, sharper and edgier feeling of the Prologue concept — Audi’s proposed new design direction.

Though the Audi Konzept Paon is autonomous, Lee sought to design a car that was emotional and dramatic, emphasizing the automaker’s characteristic quattro elements in a very three-dimensional and sculptural way.

Drivers can decide between being ferried about autonomously or drive themselves in sports mode. The transforming roof follows the driver’s position to enable proper headroom in sports mode, becoming completely flat while in autonomous mode for maximum aerodynamic efficiency.


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