Bugatti Type A Concept

In the coming years the main goals concerning the automobile industry will be autonomous driving and electric mobility. Mobility will become more effective, which will lead to the rationalization of cars. Emotional purchases will decrease and possessions will be replaced with products designed for sharing, while luxury thinking will change and focus on real authentic experiences. So how will historical and emotional luxury sport brands like Bugatti be influenced by these developments?

The Bugatti Type A concept designed by Pforzheim Transportation Design BA graduate Nico Pressler is a proposal for a modern interpretation of the marque in an autonomous and electrified world. It is a fully autonomous, two-seater sports car, powered by two electric motors. The motors are mounted on the axles and are fed by a Nano-Brick-Battery, which is placed between the drivers. This allows a much lower architecture compared to other electric cars.

“The car is designed for a real hell ride, with a directed view to the street and a deeper connection between the customer, the car or the brand,” says designer Nico Pressler, whose project was sponsored
by Volkswagen Design Center Potsdam and supervised by Peter Wouda and Jürgen Michl. “All of Bugatti’s historical races can be reconstructed and digitized allowing the Type A to drive original laps on historical roads. It is also possible to race against the Type A while the customer is driving another Bugatti.

Visual effects like the glass face and visible suspension support the emotional driving experience and the feeling of being connected to the machine. The main design theme of the car is the aerodynamically shaped cigar body which quotes the Type 35. The face graphic is an advancement of the famous horse shoe grille, a signature of the Bugatti brand, while the vehicle’s outer shell protects the glass roof and generates an advanced lightweight volume.

The side graphic is influenced by the view of the passenger. It allows a straight view to the street and generates a new proportion as well. The typical fender/shoulder/beltline relationship has been replaced here he fin stabilizes the glass parts and quotes the legendary Atlantic. Details like the rims and the grille have been gently developed to keep the connection to the brand.

The Bugatti Type A is a modern and emotional interpretation of an historical product, in line with the supercar maker’s mantra of “masterpiece of art in form and technic”.


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