Meet the Designers: Opel Adam

The Opel Adam is not a follower, but a trend setter, says General Motors Europe head of design Mark Adams.

The car’s options list is a seemingly endless array of personalized equipment, be it from the color of the inserts on wheels (a small plastic clip can be applied to the spoke of one option) to the appliqué on the instrument panel. In all, the distinctive design elements make for a personalization frenzy, with buyers able to choose from more than 61,000 combination possibilities for the exterior and over 82,000 for the interior.

This is simply astounding, but an indication of where the motor car is headed. People no longer want to ‘keep up with the Jones’. They want a vehicle that is a reflection of themselves, their values, their interests and their, err, color preferences. They want a car that says something about who they are as an individual through its own individual look.

And so GM’s European arm is offering them this choice through the Jam, Glam and Slam trim levels on the Adam.

The entry-level Jam is intended as an unconventional, fashionable and colorful accessory to appeal to the younger demographic of buyers who might not otherwise be able to afford entry into a Mini, Citroen DS3 or Audi A1. The Glam takes the accouterments to the next level, by offering a more elegant, refined and sophisticated setting dictated by colors, material and details within both its interior and exterior design, and Slam is a more energetic and sporty offering — the man’s choice, if you will.

Color choice is a big deal on this rather diminutive car built on a shortened version of the Corsa’s SCCS platform (which is also shared with Fiat). All Adam models are therefore available in a wide choice of exterior colors, three roof colors, and an assortment of colors for the different wheel options and an assortment of interior colors, decors and various headliners — including an LED lit ‘starlight’ roof trim inspired in part by a similar option available over at Rolls-Royce.

We had the pleasure of speaking with a few designers who worked on the Adam at the Paris show. Watch the video above to hear their take on the diminutive, highly personalizable vehicle.


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