Coventry 2013: Autonomous Concept

It’s without question that the advent of autonomous driving capabilities will herald a new automotive age, particularly within vehicle interiors. The technology will inevitably bring forward newfound opportunities for automotive design freeing up the architecture for a multitude of new design possibilities.

So with automation set to become an inherent part of the future automotive landscape, Xi (Tony) Wang contends that the automobile — which has experienced a long and iconic journey to establish its own unique identity — should not abandon its heritage to create a new era of car styling.

The interior of the autonomous concept began with an idea to create a new design language that can communicate the inherent advantages of the automated driving experience to the user. By using simple yet irregularly shaped lines, the interior tries to take user’s attention away from the road and make them more focused on their immediate surroundings, something that is – or should be – completely foreign to drivers of todays vehicles.


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