Sustainable Family 2050 Concept

The Sustainable Family 2050 concept by Coventry MA Transportation Design course graduate Jonathan Yang takes inspiration from typical family cars and boats whilst providing a new environmentally responsible driving experience for consumers.

One of the more noteworthy features of this concept is the Dyson fan, which enables the vehicle to operate as a hovercraft when needed.

The concept features a long roof with a peculiar curvature in the center of the hood. Yang says this enhances the classic look when observing the car in profile. The front and rear ends of the vehicle are characterized by elements made from bamboo – the concept’s flowing lines merge into the distinctive central element.

Though the graphic development of the lines was inspired sustainability and recyclability, the concept has also another prominent graphic theme: the body surfaces are divided into two layers.

With its front and rear ends made from bamboo, the atmospheric light on the face visually extends and wraps around the feature line on the body. The contrasting three-color (material) scheme also makes the vehicle appear environmentally friendly, luxurious and stately from an aesthetic perspective.


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