Coventry 2014: SeaPod concept

‘Seapod’ is a maritime concept that aims to merge the comfort of living of a holiday apartment with the adventure and closeness to the water, similar to what a luxury yacht would offer. The concept offers large, spacious, naturally lit interior spaces, a comfortable apartment-like stable platform on the water all whilst retaining the excitement and agility of a motor yacht for cruising along scenic coastal routes at a leisurely pace.

The exterior styling is unique and was inspired primarily by natural, organic forms such as the stingray. The interior space is protectively wrapped by the exterior structure which sits in the water on four points. Buoyancy and power come from beneath the waterline via a SWATH hull and jet water propulsion.

The interior space was designed with a family in mind. The large amounts of glass provide panoramic views of the surroundings whilst flooding the interior with sun light. There are two bedrooms on board, with priority given to the main living space as a large, open plan shared environment for all the family to enjoy socializing, dining and entertaining friends.


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