Rotary Engined NR4 Supercar Concept

Recent Coventry graduate Chris Denn’s aim for his project was simple: he set out to design a supercar that was aesthetically different to anything else on the market.

The NR4’s distinctive design isn’t held back by brand heritage. The primary intention of the vehicle is simply to break convention and get whoever is driving noticed, no matter where they are. “If you want to grab people’s attention then this is the car for you,” says Denn.

Sourcing power from a naturally aspirated four-rotor engine, the car’s intent is also to bring the rotary powertrain back into the limelight. The engine is mounted to a carbon steel spaceframe chassis and the car’s body is clad in carbon fiber panels.

Without the now common driver assistance features typical of modern day vehicles, the driver is once again back in complete control. This means that the NR4 can deliver a truly raw driving experience, which is refreshing in a world dominated by driver aids and technology.


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