Meet the Designer: Felippo Perini on the Lamborghini Huracan

As far as design directors go, Felippo Perini is one of the most passionate we’ve ever met. He’s up there with Ferrari’s Flavio Manzoni. Perhaps it has something to do with designing super cars. Or maybe it’s just something the Italians put in the water.

Either way, few could argue that the designs that have emerged from Sant’Agata during his tenure have been some of the most extravagant. Though not to everyone’s taste, they’ve successfully managed to push the brand’s design language forward. The angular surfaces, hexagonal motifs and downright in your face expressions have found many homes in the garages of people for whom ‘subtle’ is not often used to describe.

So why then has the Huracan, the replacement for the decade old Luc Donckervolke-designed Gallardo, turned the extravagance volume so far down? The answer is simple… Watch the video above.


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